Provide accessibility for deaf people
accessibility is human right

Provide accessibility for deaf people

The only way to communicate between deaf and hard of hearing people is through sign language. Sign language has its complexities and differences with grammar, and about five thousand words have been translated into sign language. According to this issue, the only mechanism of communication with deaf people is sign language and translation of texts in accordance with sign language grammar.

How much of your services and products are adapted for the deaf

IMA Group, with its expert team in the field of content production in sign language, tries to increase the availability of access for these people by using sign language solutions and services.

Services and solutions for web accessibility and customer experince with disability

we improve the web accessibility interaction rate and optimized customer experience  with disability.

Services and solutions for banks

We facilitate the use of banking services for the deaf by using qrcode and sign language based services.

Services and solutions for museums

We use qrcode and sign language based services to improve the deaf people’s experience of using museums and cultural heritage

sign language interpreter services

We translate and adapt films, series, documentaries, TV shows and movies into sign language for the DEAF by filming at Chromakey  Studio and also having an experienced team fluent in sign language.


We translate and adapt services and websites using the w3c principles for people with disabilities to use digital services and websites, using a sign language translator. Also, according to the customer’s journey, we will be with these people in your customers’ club from the moment the contacts get to know you to accompany these people.

Most people face different questions when choosing and deciding to buy. For example, a person who intends to buy an LED TV should search the web pages with questions such as “What is the best brand of LED” and also, “Is Iranian LED better or foreign?” These questions apply to everyone, but not everyone gets their answer.

We make the content of your website accessible to everyone, taking into account the design principles for the deaf, taking into account the culture and sign language of the same area.

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